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Our Work Ethic Praised by Renowned Dental Business Coach

Posted on 11th September 2017NDS wall art
At Norfolk Dental Specialists, we strive to provide for our patients by working on ourselves, the practice and the services we offer. To this end, we have developed “four pillars” that guide us in the treatment of patients and our relationships with each other. These are the standards that we expect every member of staff to work towards and achieve.

The Four Pillars of Our Business
  • Clinical: “To treat patients the way we would like to be treated.”
  • Team: “We are an empowered team that has a stake in the business.”
  • Service: “Exemplary service to every patient and dentist.”
  • Marketing: “Recognised practice for specialised dental services and professional care.”
Each of these four pillars is supported by a bullet list of objectives that we encourage and train our staff to meet. 

Praise from Coach Barrow

Chris Barrow is a business coach that specialises in consulting to the independent dental industry. Dentistry is a classic double field. Expert dentists are expected to be expert business people as well. Chris Barrow helps dentists develop their business skills – acting as consultant, trainer and coach to independent practices for over twenty years. We’ve worked with Chris Barrow in the past and he dropped in this week to see how we are getting along. He was very impressed and wrote a glowing report of the encounter on his blog.

Our ‘four pillars’ approach impressed Chris Barrow. He said:

“I love this document, because it holds all the team to account for their actions and attitude. Too much time can sometimes be invested in business plans, spreadsheets and mission statements – not enough on standards of behaviour, whether it’s a global hotel group or a specialist referral practice.”

Coach Barrow also picked out our website for praise – recommending that other dentists “…visit and learn.” 

Building on Success

Every member of our team has an important contribution to make to the smooth running of our practice. At Norfolk Dental Specialists, we have excellent standards of clinical treatment, but what makes our service special is that we also genuinely care about making the patient experience a positive one. The key to providing excellent patient care is empathy and the four pillars that define the standards of our service help us to implement this.

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