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Endodontic (Root Canal)

Root canal treatment

Although your dentist may provide root canal treatment, many dentists across Norfolk refer their patients to us for this complex but effective treatment. Our Endodontic specialist, who is dedicated to caring for our root canal patients, will carry out the painless procedure. Although you will return to your general dentist following your treatment, we advise that you regularly see our hygienists to keep your teeth in good health.

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Treatment Options

What is root canal treatment?

We remove the inflamed pulp in the root canal, and then clean the root canal system to prevent infection from coming back. When we are sure that all of the infection has cleared, we permanently fill the root canal and restore the repaired tooth with a crown. This will protect the tooth from fracture and make it easier to use and clean.

Is root canal treatment necessary?

Endodontic X Ray

Left untreated, infected pulp tissue will result in the eventual loss of your tooth. As well as being very painful, it may also spread to the surrounding bone, causing an abscess to form. Endodontic treatment is the best solution, getting you out of pain and saving your tooth – potentially for a lifetime.

What are the alternative treatments?

Root canal treatment has been developed to save and restore teeth to good health, and the only alternative is to have the tooth removed. Although this is sometimes necessary, it is always best to save and maintain your natural teeth whenever possible. Leaving a gap in your teeth can cause further problems, as your teeth shift around and your bite is affected. Replacement teeth may damage neighbouring teeth, and although a dental implant is a brilliant solution, it is much faster, more effective, and less costly to simply have root canal treatment.

Is root canal treatment painful?

We use local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area, meaning the procedure itself is painless. It is normal to feel some tenderness in the area around your tooth for a few days, but this is nothing that can’t be solved with over-the-counter pain relief. If you are particularly nervous about having endodontic treatment, our consultant anaesthetist can provide conscious sedation.

Nervous about your treatment?

All of our treatments are painless, and our approachable team will always do their utmost to put you at ease – but we understand that dental treatment is something many people feel nervous about. We’re committed to making your journey with us pleasant and stress-free. Our consultant anaesthetist and several of our clinicians are specially trained in conscious sedation, a safe form of anaesthesia that will block pain and help you relax. Although you will be able to respond to instructions, you will feel drowsy and won’t remember much about the procedure afterwards. If you think conscious sedation could benefit you, talk to your clinician.

Specialist Clinician

Daniel Vaz De Souza

Clinician LMD, Dip Rest Dent RCSEng, MClinDent, MEndo RCSEd Specialist in Endodontics GDC registration number: 106778
  • Specialist in Endodontics

Daniel qualified as a dentist ten years ago, and now dedicates himself entirely to root canal treatments. He is a clinical teacher in Endodontics at King's College London, and has recently qualified as a Specialist in Endodontology.

Endodontic Treatment Costs

Our fee structure has been carefully considered, and reflects our high level of specialist care, advanced equipment and consistently high results. We believe in being honest about our fees, and we will always discuss and explain them clearly. After your initial consultation we will send you a letter detailing your unique treatment plan, including any likely costs. If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment, we can offer a monthly interest-free payment plan over a six month period.

  • Consultation£95
  • Incisor£650 - £750
  • Premolar£750 - £800
  • Molar£800 - £950
  • Post Core£150
  • Crown Restoration£750
  • Complex£150

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