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Laser Treatment FAQs

We’ve compiled some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about laser treatments.

Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly popular and offers state-of-the-art precision technology into a number of common and not-so-common procedures. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are commonly named for the substance that is stimulated to produce the coherent light beam. In the diode laser, this substance is a semiconductor (a class of materials which are the foundation of modern electronics including computers, telephones and radios). This innovative technology has produced a laser which is compact and portable. The laser wavelength is ideally suited for soft tissue procedures since it is highly absorbed by haemoglobin and melanin. This gives the diode laser the ability to precisely cut, coagulate, ablate or vaporise the target soft tissue.

What is 'bacterial load' and how can laser treatment reduce it?

The definition of Bacterial load is a-measurable quantity of bacteria in an object, organism, or organism compartment. Laser dentistry reduces this load and provides decontamination of the gum pockets during non-surgical gum treatments.

How does laser treatment promote healing?

The presence of bacteria will be minimised by the laser - meaning that healing and tissue regeneration can take place more effectively.

When do you use laser dentistry?

We use laser dentistry as an adjunct to your non- surgical treatment. After RSD treatment it can help with problems around persistent periodontal gum pockets, in order to avoid more complex periodontal treatment. Our hygienists are trained in Laser Dentistry and, as part of your oral health care and hygiene maintenance of your gums and teeth, the laser delivers an additional service to promote your oral wellbeing. The laser can also help with the treatment of cold sores and provide relief for muscular tension associated with teeth grinding.

Does laser treatment hurt?

No. The treatment is painless, gentle and comfortable. Occasionally local anaesthetic is required. If you have a persistent gum problem, contact us to find out how laser dentistry can help you avoid more complex periodontal treatment.

Nervous about your treatment?

All of our treatments are painless, and our approachable team will always do their utmost to put you at ease – but we understand that dental treatment is something many people feel nervous about. We’re committed to making your journey with us pleasant and stress-free. Our consultant anaesthetist and several of our clinicians are specially trained in conscious sedation, a safe form of anaesthesia that will block pain and help you relax. Although you will be able to respond to instructions, you will feel drowsy and won’t remember much about the procedure afterwards. If you think conscious sedation could benefit you, talk to your clinician.

Our Clinicians

  • Hamed Karimi

    "In a perfect world, nobody would ever need remedial treatment – but in the real world, accidents and wear and tear are almost inevitable. So when the need arises, we aim to offer you the very best possible implant and periodontal treatments – solutions that will return you to near-perfect oral health."

    Hamed Karimi

    Lead Clinician & Director BDS (Edin), MSc (Lond), MClinDent (Lond), FDS, MRD, RCS (Eng) GDC registration number: 70400
    • Specialist in Periodontics
    • Implant Surgeon

    With over 20 years’ experience in dentistry, Hamed has gained a collection of prestigious qualifications in periodontal treatment, dental implants and oral reconstruction. A renowned expert, Hamed lectures to qualified dentists both locally and internationally.

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  • Imran Sharif

    "Discovering that you have periodontal disease, or that your teeth may not be saveable, can be a disheartening realisation for individuals. We are dedicated to restoring optimal dental health for our patients by providing a compassionate, individualised approach while utilising the most advanced periodontal and implant treatment available"

    Imran Sharif

    Clinician BDS MClinDent(Perio.), MFDS RCS(Eng), MPerio RCS(Ed) GDC registration number: 82537
    • Specialist in Periodontics
    • Implant Surgeon

    Imran has spent over ten years in dentistry, spending four of those years on a specialist training programme in periodontology at King’s College Hospital. He believes that everyone should be able to benefit from dental treatment, and is an expert in conscious sedation.

    Read More About Imran
  • Daniel Vaz De Souza

    "Shortly after enrolling at dental school, I realised that retaining our own natural teeth is the ultimate goal. The field of endodontics and root canal treatment can successfully avoid tooth loss and I have developed a passion for my vocation, which has lead me to progress my academic qualifications and understand my patients needs, so that I deliver the best possible treatment in the most comfortable way."

    Daniel Vaz De Souza

    Clinician LMD, Dip Rest Dent RCSEng, MClinDent, MEndo RCSEd Specialist in Endodontics GDC registration number: 106778
    • Specialist in Endodontics

    Daniel qualified as a dentist ten years ago, and now dedicates himself entirely to root canal treatments. He is a clinical teacher in Endodontics at King's College London, and has recently qualified as a Specialist in Endodontology.

    Read More About Daniel
  • Hugo Pinto

    "Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to change the past. My commitment is to work in the present and secure or rebuild the foundation for a healthy, functional and smiley future!"

    Hugo Pinto

    Clinician LMD (Lisbon), Diploma in Periodontics (Gothenburg), Diploma in implant Dentistry (Lisbon), Master in Dental Sciences (Lisbon), Specialist Training in Periodontics, Registered Specialist in Periodontology GDC GDC registration number: 233627
    • Specialist in Periodontics
    • Implant Surgeon

    Hugo has been working exclusively in the areas of periodontology and dental implants for ten years. He has a number of specialist qualifications from some of Europe’s leading medical universities, and is an active clinical lecturer on the postgraduate programme in Periodontics at the University of Manchester.

    Read More About Hugo
  • Aaron Lopez

    "For me the most important commitment I can make to my patients is to obtain excellent clinical results in the long term, rather than just short-time improvements. Dental treatment in a Specialist Practice is focussed on three different aspects: biological, functional and aesthetic care; combining them enables us to provide the result and satisfaction our patients deserve"

    Aaron Lopez

    Clinician Specialist in Periodontics GDC, EFP GDC registration number: 190495
    • Specialist in Periodontics
    • Implant Surgeon

    Aaron is a specialist in Periodontics registered with the GDC and the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare, who studied a three-year postgraduate programme in Periodontology at Gothenburg University. His research into epigenetics and periodontal disease has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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