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Posted on 2nd November 2018
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Aesthetic Benefits of Health Treatments

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At Norfolk Dental Specialists, our priority will always be the health of our patients’ teeth and gums. Our dental specialists are not primarily cosmetic dentists. However, many of our treatments bestow aesthetic benefits as well as health benefits.
Dental Implants
Titanium dental implants are placed and integrated to the jawbone in a minor surgical procedure. These artificial roots can be crowned with new teeth made of ceramic material, fully restoring the function and the ability to eat and talk. The additional aesthetic benefit is that you can choose the size shape and colour of your new teeth.
Gum Grafts
Gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity and root decay in individuals. It also makes it difficult for patients to clean the area and effects gingival aesthetics. Our specialists use microsurgical techniques that can dramatically improve the look of an individual's smile and teeth while reducing the chances of further gum recession. the technique also reduces dentine sensitivity and protects the root from cavities.
Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening is typically performed when a tooth has cracked or lost a filling and our specialist needs to expose more of the tooth before fixing the problem with a crown. While certain individuals have teeth that look too short or show too much gum when they smile - typically referred to as "gummy smile". This procedure is often used to remove the excess of gum and expose the teeth that are hiding underneath. The individual's gum line can be delicately sculpted to create the right proportion between gum and tooth which will result in an aesthetic looking smile.
AirFlow Teeth Polishing
AirFlow is a tool our hygienists use for teeth polishing. The technique is super effective at removing dental plaque so we often use AirFlow polishing to reduce the number of bacteria on the teeth and gums before any surgical procedures. As a bonus, AirFlow polishing also removes any unsightly stains caused by our consumption habits (coffee, tea, red wine).
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