Full mouth rehabilitation and dental prosthesis

The specialty of dentistry that focuses on the reconstruction and replacement of missing teeth is known as Prosthodontics. Prosthodontic treatment aims to improve masticatory function and also the appearance of your smile, focusing on the shape and colour of your teeth. Different materials are used to achieve these outcomes, mainly ceramics and composites.

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Prothodontics Treatment

When would I need prosthetic treatment?

  • I want to improve my smile
  • I want to have whiter teeth
  • I do not like the shape of my teeth
  • I have broken or missing teeth

In many instances, prosthetics interacts with other specialties, such as periodontics, endodontics and orthodontics. Worn teeth can be reconstructed to the original size and shape. Missing teeth can be replaced with fixed or removable prostheses.

Treatment Options

  • Veneers
  • Whitening
  • Overlays and Crowns
  • Dentures
Veneers Veneers

Thin custom-made porcelain/composite shells that are bonded to the teeth to improve their shape and appearance. They are durable and long lasting and extremely versatile.

Whitening Whitening

A minimally invasive and safe solution for tooth discolouration, providing an improvement in colour and also the luminosity of the teeth. At Norfolk Dental Specialists, we offer a highly professional teeth whitening service tailored to ensure a safe treatment with impressive results.

Overlays and Crowns
Overlays and Crowns Overlays and Crowns

Broken down teeth can be reconstructed with overlays and/or crowns, to achieve their original shape and strength, improving also the ability to chew comfortably.

Dentures Dentures

Also known as false teeth, removable dentures replace missing teeth and supporting gum tissues. Full dentures replace all of the teeth in one arch. Partial dentures replace a number of missing teeth. Partial dentures made from cobalt chromium (metal) frameworks are excellent for patients with:

  • Failing heavily restored dentition
  • Wobbly teeth from gum disease.
  • Occlusal parafunction (bruxism)
  • Traumatic overbites (where the teeth bite into the gum, making the gum sore).

Prosthetics Costs Fees

  • Prosthodontic Assessment £135
  • Prosthodontic Review £135
  • Articulated Study Models £850 - £1,000
  • Whitening £650 - £1,000
  • Fillings £210 - £500
  • Crown/Overlay/Veneer £1,550 - £1,725 (per unit)
  • Conventional Bridge £1,000 - £1,280 (per unit)
  • Adhesive Bridge £1,500 (for one tooth replacement)
  • Upper & Lower Complete Dentures £3,500 - £4,300
  • Single Full Upper or Lower Denture £1,875 - £2,450
  • Implant Supported Crown £1,650 - £2000
  • Implant Retained Bridge from £3200
  • Hard Occlusal Splint £1,000

Prosthetics Costs

Our fee structure has been carefully considered, and reflects our high level of specialist care, advanced equipment and consistently high results. We believe in being honest about our fees, and we will always discuss and explain them clearly. After your initial consultation we will send you a letter detailing your unique treatment plan, including any likely costs. If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment, we can offer a monthly interest-free payment plan over a six month period.

See all our treatment costs
See all our treatment costs


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Accrediting Bodies

CareQuality Commission - Our Latest Report British Dental Association RCS - Advancing Surgical Standards European Federation of Periodontology

Accrediting Bodies

CareQuality Commission - Our Latest ReportBritish Dental Association
RCS - Advancing Surgical Standards
European Federation of Periodontology