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Trusted by dentists across Norfolk to handle complex and specialised dental work, our experienced team has achieved great, long-lasting results for hundreds of people.

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Our Patients

Whatever their story, all of our patients say that coming to us was the first step on their journey to a happier, fuller life. We have transformed their lives, enabling them to eat, drink, speak and smile with true confidence – some of them for the first time. Here are their stories.

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Dentist and Patient

"I’m an apprehensive patient, but I always feel relaxed here."

John John
Adjoining Teeth Implant Patient

"I didn’t feel ready for Dentures, I’m so glad I had implants."

Denise Denise
Periodontal and Implant Patient

"I was delighted with the outcome, I am so pleased I had it done."

David David
Perio (gum disease) Patient

"It helps your personal life and it helps your business life."

Lawrence Lawrence
Adjoining Teeth Implant Patient

"I look back and think I wish I had my teeth done before."

Faith Faith
Upper & Lower Full Arch Implant Patient

"It’s given me back my quality of life, it’s wonderful, I smile now, eat apples."

Joseph Joseph
Partial Arch Implant Patient

"They look amazing! I can't stop smiling and am always up for a photograph from any angle!"

Sam Sam
Single Implant Patient

"It feels just like a normal tooth and I use it just the same as any of my other teeth."

Doris Doris
Single Implant Patient

“In my opinion it’s worth every penny, and it’s not a quick fix it’s a forever fix."

Dallas Dallas
Perio (gum disease) Patient

"By the end of the first appointment I just didn’t feel any anxiety whatsoever."

Anne Anne
Adjoining Teeth Implant Patient

"If you can afford it you’ll never regret spending the money."

Geraint Geraint

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We believe that excellent dental work improves people's lives without pain and fear. Our team of specialists are trusted by dentists across Norfolk to carry out the advanced treatment they can't perform themselves.

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Accrediting Bodies

CareQuality Commission - Our Latest Report British Dental Association RCS - Advancing Surgical Standards European Federation of Periodontology

Accrediting Bodies

CareQuality Commission - Our Latest ReportBritish Dental Association
RCS - Advancing Surgical Standards
European Federation of Periodontology