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Dental Services

As one the region’s leading practices for dental implant, periodontal and endodontic treatment, we are able to provide an excellent standard of care and some of the most advanced procedures available in the UK.

Periodontal Treatments

We welcome referrals for a wide range of more complex periodontal treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. This includes:

  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment related to chronic and acute periodontal conditions
  • Surgical management of chronic periodontal conditions. Connective tissues grafting for tooth and implant recession defects
  • Treatment of peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis
  • Non-surgical and surgical cosmetic gum treatments
  • Periodontal maintenance

Implant Dentistry

We encourage all our referring practitioners to attend our introductory, in-house implant restoration course. This will train you sufficiently to carry out simple implant restorations and – even you do not ultimately wish to carry out the restorative phase of the implant treatment – will help improve referral relationships and, ultimately, the treatment for the patient.

If you already carry out simple surgical implant dentistry, we’re also happy to accept referrals for complex cases. You are most welcome to attend any surgical or restorative sessions on patients that you have referred.

  • Implant placement only
  • Implant placement and restorations
  • Soft and hard tissue grafting prior to implant placement

Oral Surgery

We are happy to carry out difficult extractions and root removals for you, and to receive referrals for impacted third molars (as long as they fit the guidelines for removal of third molars).

Endodontic Treatment

We do have an endodontic referral service and, although not constituting as big a part of our referrals workload as the other treatments we offer, we are happy to accept your patients for consultation with our specialist endodontist.

Where deemed appropriate, we will facilitate re-root treatments, primary root treatments and root-end surgery. We prefer that you then carry out the extra-coronal restorations after the root canal treatment has been completed.

At NDS, we believe that everyone benefits hugely from being aware of exactly what we propose to do, and why. That's why we put it all in writing to keep you and your patient fully appraised of what we are doing, and anything that you should keep an eye on subsequently.

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Training Courses

We provide a series of seminars and study courses on our specialisms, including periodontics, implant dentistry, and restoration. Our training courses are taught by leading clinicians, and are completely free to attend for referring dentists and their staff.

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Buying Group

The NDS Buying Group enables us and our referring practitioners to receive regular discounts of up to 27% when buying dental equipment - and it's
completely free to join.

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Accrediting Bodies

  • Care Quality Commission BDA
  • RCS EFP - European Federation of Periodontology


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