Upcoming Courses for Dentists at Norfolk Dental Specialists

Posted on 21/02/2024

NDS poster that advertises upcoming courses

At Norfolk Dental Specialists, we believe that it is essential that all professionals working in our field have access to the very best training available. All dentists and clinicians at Norfolk Dental Specialists undergo continuous training to make sure that their skills are up-to-date. In addition to this, we host evenings that contribute to the training of our colleagues in the field of dentistry - sharing our knowledge to ensure that patients everywhere are getting the very best care.

We have two training events coming up over the next few weeks.

Dentinal Tubules Live Study Club

Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 7.00pm

TubulesLive returns after a hiatus of nearly 2 years! Tubules is back streaming live to over 20 study clubs across the country simultaneously. This is a production like no other, exploring the sensitive topic of medicolegal scenarios. They’ll be covering

  • How does a medicolegal scenario unfold?
  • How many records are too many?
  • What is proper consent?
  • What is unethical marketing?
  • Who is responsible if the dentist leaves the practice?

Implant Restorative Course

This extensive training course will take place over three evenings starting Thursday 29th February 2024 at 6.00pm.

The subsequent two training evenings are scheduled for 27th March and 1st May 2024.

Dentists attending this course will learn how to carry out single tooth and small bridgework implant restorations which they will then be qualified to do in their own practices.

GDPs who attend our Implant Restorative Course will be able to claim 2.5 hours of verifiable CPD for each evening.

For more information about either of these courses, please email

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