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reduce tooth sensitivity
Dental Hygiene
Five Ways to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

For patients with sensitive teeth, just the thought of biting down on an ic...

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Perio patient
Dentistry Periodontics
Periodontal Grafts: Treatment for Receding Gums...

Periodontal grafting (or gum grafting) involves removing a small piece of g...

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Man with acid erosion on his teeth.
Dental Hygiene
What is Acid Erosion and How Can I Reduce It?

Acid erosion is the wearing down of tooth enamel by acid in the mouth. Typi...

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Bad habit - woman biting her fingernails.
Dental Hygiene
Bad Habits: 10 Habits that Hurt Healthy Teeth

It’s easy to fall into bad habits. What starts as an occasional behaviour...

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James Paget University hospital
Upcoming Dental Courses at the James Paget Hospital...

The James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth employs over 3000 NHS...

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Electric toothbrush and replacement heads.
Dental Hygiene
Choosing the Best Toothbrush: Manual or Electric?...

Regular tooth brushing is the most effective way of preventing the build-up...

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