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Understanding your oral health with dental x-rays

After your initial consultation, we will carry out a full dental health assessment. Our clinicians will carry out an examination of your teeth, gums and jaw, as well as an oral cancer screening, which will enable them to build up a detailed picture of your oral health. After this, we will undertake any special investigations necessary to plan your treatment, such as x-rays and 3D imaging of your teeth and jaws, impressions of your teeth, and clinical photographs.

CBCT dental scans for effective diagnosis and treatment planning

Dental imaging is an important diagnostic tool for modern dentistry, helping assess, plan and carry out your treatment. As well as x-rays, which are a fast, safe and effective way for us to assess your teeth and mouth, we may take CBCT scans. Providing detailed imagery, CBCT dental scans enable us to provide safer and more effective implants treatments.


Our dental imaging technology

We use a state-of-the-art Cranex 3D machine - the only one of its kind in East Anglia, and one of only a handful in the UK - to take our CBCT scans. This highly innovative machine comes with a number of benefits:

  • One of the safest Cone Beam scanners on the market, using low dose technology
  • Comfortable for patients to use in standing or sitting positions
  • Fast and effective, making your scans a matter of moments
  • Produces exceptional quality images for our clinicians to plan the best treatment

Study Models

A study model is an initial view of your mouth/teeth that is taken before we start any treatments. It will act as a reference point for our Specialists and the laboratories we work with. Traditionally, a cast was made by taking an impression of your teeth with a tray and impression material. Using the latest technology, we can now produce Digital 3D impressions of your teeth and gums – eliminating the need for messy and bulky trays. This is especially helpful for those who experience a gag reflex with the traditional tray method.

The price is £45 for either a traditional model or a digitally scanned image.

Assessment & Scanning Costs

Our fee structure has been carefully considered, and reflects our high level of specialist care, advanced equipment and consistently high results. We believe in being honest about our fees, and we will always discuss and explain them clearly. After your initial consultation we will send you a letter detailing your unique treatment plan, including any likely costs. If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment, we can offer a monthly interest-free payment plan over a six month period.

Treatment Costs
  • Consultation£130
  • Pan Oral Radiograph£55
  • Cone Beam CBCT Scan£110 per jaw scanned
  • Small Radiographs£12 each; maximum £70
  • Study Models£45
  • Annual Periodontal or Implant Health Check£120

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Every patient we treat is different. Whatever treatment you need, and whether you are referred to us by your dentist or come to us yourself for specialist treatment, you’ll go on a life-transforming journey with us. Book a consultation today and take your first step.

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