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Assessment & Scanning Costs

  • Consultation£130
  • Pan Oral Radiograph£55
  • Cone Beam CBCT Scan£110 per jaw scanned
  • Small Radiographs£12 each; maximum £70
  • Study Models£45
  • Annual Periodontal or Implant Health Check£120

Periodontal Treatment Costs**

  • Non-Surgical Treatment*£700 - £980
  • Periodontal Surgery£600 - £980
  • Gingival Veneer£525 - upper jaw only
  • Simple Extraction£185
  • Annual Periodontal Check£120
*Intensive periodontal programme, including base line records, advice, cleaning, monitoring and oral hygiene products used in surgery.
**Costs dependent on complexity and extent of disease presentation.

Endodontic Treatment Costs

  • Consultation£95
  • Incisor£598 - £648
  • Premolar£648 - £698
  • Molar£748 - £798
  • Post Core£150
  • Crown Restoration£750
  • Complex£150

Dental Implant Costs

Implant Dentistry*

  • Single Tooth£2,400
  • Two Teeth (two implants)£4,700
  • Three Teeth (two implants)£5,500
  • Four Teeth (two implants)£6,300
  • Five Teeth (three implants)£7,000 - £8,200
  • Six Teeth (three implants)£7,000 - £9,000
  • Full Arch Upper (six implants; ten teeth)£10,600 - £16,100
  • Full Arch Lower (four implants; eight teeth)£8,000 - £11,900
  • Implant Health Check*£120
  • *The above prices are for the surgical procedure and subsequent stages of the implant treatment – including the crown/bridge. Please be aware that you may require additional treatment and materials such as bone-grafting materials or pre-implant placement hygiene or periodontal treatment and that these treatments will be charged separately. During your specialist consultation we will provide a full overview of any additional requirements needed to facilitate the success of the dental implant procedure.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Grafting

  • Bone Grafting Materials£330
  • Sinus Graft£1,500

Implant Placement Only*

  • Single Implant Placement£1,300
  • Two Implant Placement£2,100
  • Three Implant Placement£3,000
  • Four Implant Placement£3,900
  • Five Implant Placement£4,800
  • Six Implant Placement£5,700
*We will place your implants, and your referring dentist replaces the crown.

Restorative & Preventative Dentistry

  • Bite Raising Appliance£225
  • Adhesive Bridges£375 - £425
  • Temporary Dentures£400
  • Trial Wax Up£300

Additional Treatment Costs

  • Gingival Grafting£850
  • Crown Lengthening£850

Dental Hygiene Treatment Costs

  • Initial Visit£90
  • Maintenance Visit£70 (30 mins) - £105 (45 mins)
  • Chlosite£55
  • Airflow£55
  • Tooth Whitening£475
  • BiolasePlease Enquire

Fees and Methods of Payments

At NDS, to ensure that you fully understand our costs before undergoing any treatment, we discuss and explain all your fees clearly and send you a treatment plan letter after your initial consultation. We deal with every patient as an individual, and the treatment plan will reflect your particular needs and expectations.

Whilst we prefer payment by BACS using your unique patient number, we do accept cash, and most debit/credit cards.

  1. Pay As You Go: You make payments in stages over the course of treatment, normally after each visit. This policy reduces our administrative charges
  2. Interest Free Payment Plan: To help spread the cost of your treatment we can offer a monthly, interest-free facility over a six month period. Terms and conditions apply with this payment plan. Please feel free to ask for details of this option at reception.
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