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A dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) unit is a smaller, faster and safer version of the CT scanner. Using a cone-shaped x-ray beam, the size of the scanner, time needed for scanning, and radiation dosage are greatly reduced. A dental CBCT scan produces 3D, cross-sectional images of the jaws and teeth, providing detailed information that cannot be obtained by more conventional x-ray equipment. This is particularly useful for diagnosing, planning and carrying out special procedures such as implants or endodontic treatment.

Patient safety is our first priority, and our Cranex 3D machine uses one of the safest possible Cone Beam doses of any CBCT scanner on the market. However, a prescription is needed for any CBCT scans, and the Department of Health has recently published new guidelines that any dentist who refers for or reports on CBCT scans must undertake a Core Training Curriculum in CBCT Radiography. At NDS, we host a series of free-to-attend training courses, all of which are CPD verifiable for our referring dentists and their staff throughout the year, including lectures and workshops in CBCT scanning that can give you the knowledge and the confidence to refer your patients to us.

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