Can Dental Implants Help Stabilise My Dentures?

Posted on 10/11/2021
dentures stabilised by dental implants

Dentures are the traditional solution to missing teeth, but unstable dentures can give patients sore gums, cause them to lisp or whistle when they pronounce certain sounds, and rule out eating certain foodstuffs. Adhesives are one solution, but not suitable for everyone. Another way of stabilising dentures is to attach them to dental implants.

An implant is an artificial root that we embed in the patient’s jawbone to use as a solid foundation for crowns and bridges, or to anchor dentures. The implants we use are made of pure titanium and have over 20 years of research and ‘track record’ behind them. 

The crown, bridge or dentures that are attached to the implant(s) are made of ceramic material – these ‘restorations’ can be replaced if they become worn or cracked without having to replace the titanium implants that are integrated to the jawbone. The bone actually grows around the implant (in a process called osseointegration) making the foundation stronger as time passes.

Patients who have opted for implant-supported dentures report real improvements in their quality of life. Compared with wearing regular dentures, patients reported greater stability when eating, clearer speech and enunciation, and reduced gum irritation when wearing their new dentures. Removal and cleaning of dentures was also simplified compared with use of adhesives.

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