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Posted on 2nd October 2018
Dental Hygiene

Environmental Commitment: TePe Interdental Brushes

TePe interdental brushes
The Swedish company TePe has a long history of innovation in oral hygiene. Their wooden Dental Sticks had been popular in Scandinavia for three decades before they pioneered interdental brushes in the 1990s. These small brushes consist of different size heads to fit the different size gaps between teeth, and colour coded handles for easy identification. TePe are a company who take their environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.
The Plastic Problem
To some extent, toothbrushes have become a target for environmentalists looking into all aspects of their lives to see how they can reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill. TePe interdental brush handles are manufactured from polypropylene – which is recyclable. However, the bristles are made from different plastics and current recycling facilities in the UK do not have the ability to recycle items that are manufactured from mixed materials. This means you will have to dismantle the brush yourself before disposing of the handle and bristles separately.
TePe dismantled
Responsible Use of Plastic
In their favour, TePe brushes are not single-use products and they are manufactured from plastic because it is the only safe and hygienic material suitable for this heathcare product. All of the packaging for TePe interdental brushes is recyclable. All plastic waste from their manufacturing facility is recycled and re-used.
International Certification
ISO 140001 is a voluntary international standard for effective environmental management. Acquiring the certification involves meeting high standards of environmental commitments across the board. TePe are fully signed up to this standard, which goes far beyond the basic regulations set by governments and the EU. To keep the certification, TePe are required to plan, implement, monitor and improve all aspects of their manufacture and distribution to ensure minimal impact on the environment.
100% Green Energy
TePe’s manufacturing plant in Malmö Sweden and their UK distribution centre in Somerset are run entirely on energy produced from renewable sources. Their energy consumption to turnover ratio has been steadily decreasing over the last 5 years as they seek to implement ever more environmentally-friendly practices.
Disposal of Used TePe Interdental Brushes
The advice for now is to dispose of used TePe interdental brushes in your general waste. But if you dismantle them yourself then the bulk of the product can be recycled. 
Brushing away the plaque that builds up between your teeth is an excellent preventative against gingivitis and periodontitis. To make an appointment with one of our hygienists for advice on the use of interdental brushes, call the Norfolk Dental Specialists reception on 01603 632525 for more information or email
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Read the 2017 TePe sustainability report.

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