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Posted on 5th July 2018
Dental Hygiene

Five Ways to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

reduce tooth sensitivity
For patients with sensitive teeth, just the thought of biting down on an ice lolly can send shivers down the spine. If you find yourself both craving and loathing iced treats in this heatwave, there are steps you can take to reduce tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a look at the cause of sensitive teeth and five recommendations from our hygienists for tackling the problem.
What Causes Sensitivity?
The sensitive parts of your teeth are protected by a layer of enamel. The enamel can be worn by acidic foods and drinks and by overbrushing. Sensitivity in the teeth is a warning sign that your habits may be affecting your enamel. It may also be an early indicator of periodontal disease.
How Can I Reduce Tooth Sensitivity?
You may need to change some of your dietary and oral hygiene habits to reduce sensitivity in your teeth. 
  1. Use Special Toothpaste. Toothpastes such as Sensodyne really can help. Use them twice daily and try rubbing a little of the paste around the gumline last thing at night. This application will work over night and reduce sensitivity over time.
  2. Choose Soft Bristles. Hard tooth brushes can put a strain on tooth enamel, choose a softer option and address your brushing technique.
  3. Avoid Acidic Drinks. For all you dieters, we’re afraid that lemon in hot water is a particularly bad culprit, this combination can contribute to the wear of tooth enamel.
  4. Avoid Abrasive Toothpastes. Many whitening toothpastes contain bicarbonate of soda which can affect enamel.
  5. Use Your Common Sense. If ice lollies on a hot day cause you to wince when they catch sensitive areas, you may have to find another way to cool down!
If you are concerned about how sensitive your teeth have become, then a chat with one of our dental hygienists might help. They can assist you in establishing and maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine to address your concerns. Call our reception on 01603 632525 to arrange an appointment.
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