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Posted on 6th April 2018
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Healthy Mouth: Healthy Body

Dentist checking mouth.
If the eyes can be considered the window to the soul, perhaps the buccal cavity can be considered the window to the body. Many systemic medical illnesses are accompanied by oral manifestations. Dentists are trained to refer patients to their GP if they spot symptoms in the mouth that could be indicative of disease elsewhere in the body. Having good oral hygiene can also prevent infection. A healthy mouth really does indicate a healthy body.
Healthy Mouth: Healthy Heart
People with gum disease are at increased risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Academic studies consistently show a correlation between onset and prevalent periodontitis and coronary heart disease. Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection. Some researchers believe that the infection or certain immunological responses to the infection cause heart disease. Others believe there are too many confounding variables to prove a causal link. However you look at it, patients with gum disease are more likely to present with symptoms of heart disease than those with healthy mouths. 
Healthy Mouth: Healthy Respiratory System
Infections such as pneumonia cause serious breathing difficulties and can even be fatal. One way to get bacterial chest infections is from breathing in the bacteria that live in fine droplets in the oral cavity. Everybody has a base level of bacteria in their mouths, but people with gum disease have much higher levels, putting them at higher risk of a serious lung infection.
Healthy Mouth: Healthy Baby
Gum disease in pregnancy is a known risk factor for premature births. The NHS rightly provides free dental care for all pregnant women and mothers of infants up to one year old. If you are pregnant and have any additional concerns about your management of periodontal disease affecting your unborn baby, arrange an appointment to chat to one of our hygienists. They can help you develop an oral hygiene routine that, alongside regular check-ups at your own dentist, will keep periodontal disease at bay.
If you would like to know more about our specialist treatments for periodontal disease, we can arrange for you to visit the practice where a member of our team will be able to explain everything to you in person. Call our reception on 01603 632525.
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