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Posted on 25th March 2019
Dental Implants

Think Carefully Before Planning a Dental Treatment Holiday

dental patient has second thoughts on beach
Around this time of year, when planning a summer holiday, don’t be fooled by the promise of cheap dental treatment in a sunny location. There has been a recent rise in the online promotion of private dental treatments in Mediterranean countries. The price of these treatments may look like they offer a significant saving, but patients should always think carefully and do their research before signing up for a treatment.
False Advertising
Clinics that use tooth models to advertise their procedures should always be treated with suspicion. ‘Hollywood’ smiles might sell more procedures, but they do not reflect the reality of dental implant treatment. At Norfolk Dental Specialists, we share real life stories and images from patients. Our intention is to share people’s genuine experiences and give prospective patients an insight into what to expect from a treatment. 
Speed of Procedure
We have seen claims on foreign dental websites offering implants to English-speaking tourists that everything can be done in a single day. For dental implants to be successful and to last a long time requires careful attention to be paid to your oral health before and after the procedure. The idea that you could have teeth extracted, implants inserted and temporary teeth attached in the morning and go out for tapas in the afternoon is simply fanciful.
Eligibility for Treatment
We are very careful to ensure that any patient to whom we offer implant treatment is a suitable candidate. In some rare cases, we have to declare a patient ineligible because it would be unethical to offer them a procedure that will likely fail. Can you be sure that a surgery abroad that profits from dental tourism will meet the same ethical standards?
What Could Go Wrong
In the event of some complications with hastily applied implants, returning to a surgery in another country may prove expensive: paying for extra flights and accommodation at short notice and taking unplanned time off work. The surgeon might also charge for follow up operations even if they are fixing their own botched work.
If you are considering dental implant surgery, please consider the real cost of having such treatment abroad and the consequences should anything go wrong.
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