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Posted on 10th October 2019
Dental Implants

What Treatments Are Available for Multiple Missing Teeth?

implant retained dentures replace multiple missing teeth
Losing multiple teeth can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. As well as seriously impacting your ability to speak and eat, it can alter your appearance. Without teeth to support your lips and cheeks, wrinkles can become more pronounced and cheeks become hollow. Many people with this kind of tooth loss feel that they look older than they are, and this can be devastating for their confidence.
Fortunately, there are now advanced dental implant treatments available to replace multiple missing teeth. There are two options to replace a full arch of missing teeth: implant retained dentures and full arch implant retained bridges.
Implant Retained Dentures
Using dental implants to anchor removable dentures is a much more effective way of keeping dentures in place than adhesives. With just two or four implants in each jaw, dentures can be clipped on and held securely in place during the day, but are easy to remove for cleaning and sleeping. 
The implants also have a number of aesthetic benefits, helping to preserve bone in your jaw and maintain your facial structure, and restoring lost lip support to minimise wrinkles around your mouth. 
Full Arch Dental Implants
Implant-retained dentures are a vast improvement on traditional removable dentures, which are inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable to use, and limit which food you can eat. An even better alternative to removable dentures is a full arch of dental implants. It’s a life-changing, lifelong solution.
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