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Posted on 28th March 2018
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Persuading a Reluctant Friend to Visit the Dentist

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What should you do if a friend or family member (who you know loves chocolate) refuses a bite of your Easter Egg because of gum pain? You really must persuade them to see a dentist. Sore gums are a major symptom of gingivitis – something that should be treated before it develops into the more serious periodontitis. Some people are very reluctant to visit the dentist. Here are three common excuses that you may hear and how to counter them.
Persuading a Friend Who Experienced Childhood Trauma
Many patients trace their anxiety about visiting the dentist to an experience of pain when they were children. As adults, these lingering memories of experiences that may have bordered on the traumatic have been allowed to overcome common sense and regular visits have lapsed. If you have a friend who is reluctant for this reason, try sharing your own experiences of modern dentistry with him. Things have changed a lot and modern practices offer patient-centred care that couldn’t be more different to the dentist experience of yesteryear.
Persuading a Friend Who Thinks the Dentist is Too Expensive
Some dental treatments are expensive. We are completely open and honest about the fees we charge for our specialist treatments and additional care such as hygienist appointments. Almost without exception, our patients tell us that the treatment programmes that we set out for them are worth every penny. Many patients wish that they had not waited to have treatments that have restored their ability to talk, eat and smile. Check out our patient stories and show them to your reluctant friend.
Persuading a Friend Who Claims They've Never Needed the Dentist
This is a tricky one. Some people are convinced that their own brushing routine is sufficient and that they have never needed to go to the dentist. However, if your friend is still claiming this while admitting to having sore gums behind her sparkling white teeth – it is time to stage an intervention. Oral health is about more than just teeth.
If you (or a friend or family member) have concerns about gum pain, make a visit to the dentist a priority. You could offer to accompany a friend if they are feeling anxious. If you would like more information about any of the procedures that we offer here at Norfolk Dental Specialists, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our reception on 01603 632525 or make an enquiry using our online booking form.
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